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Virender Sehwag Lashed Out At A Political Party For Using His Name Without His Permission

Politics in India is a very messy thing, which sometimes gets out of hands. Everyone wants to win an election, but sometimes the political parties cross all the limits during their campaign. Everyone is entitled to campaign and put forth their agenda to the public, but no one has the right to use someone’s else’s name especially celebrities just for the sake of attracting people to their campaign. A similar thing happened with former flamboyant Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag.

Just recently, some political outfit in India put an ad in the newspaper using Virender Sehwag’s name without even contacting him. The political party in question is Rashtriya Loktantric Party. Usually, celebrities ignore such things but ace cricketer decided to give it back to the political outfit for misusing his name. First of all, check out the picture of the advertisement down below.

Slamming the Rashtriya Loktantric Party, Virender Sehwag tweeted a snapshot of the newspaper ad with a strong message that reads,


I am in Dubai & have had no communication with any of these guys.

When these Liars can shamelessly lie in the name of their campaign & try to fool people,wonder how much they will fool people if by any chance they come to power.

Anything is better than deceit & lies”

This Is What Sehwag Tweeted:

As soon as Sehwag tweeted bashing the political party, he got support from several Twitterati. Some of them even found this quite hilarious. We bring you some of the reactions down below.









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