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Virat Kohli Received Cheesy Comment By Rakhi Sawant On His Instagram Post

One can never predict Rakhi Sawant’s behavior and action. She often leave people confused because of her actions. People wonder why she is doing so! Once again Rakhi did something which left people confused and speechless too. May be not only people but Indian skipper Virat Kohli too. Recently India Skipper Viart Kohli posted a selfie on Instagram on which he received a very unexpected cheesy comment by Rakhi Sawant. To know what was it, read the full story below:

This is not the first time she gave creepy statement. Once while interacting with media back in 2017, She had a surprising gift idea for newly wedded Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma which no one would have ever though of. In her statement she said that she want to gift them her condoms. She was quoted as saying:

“Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are the loveliest couples. They just stepped into their married life. I want to gift my condoms to them so that they play safe and share their feedback on the product after experiencing it.”

Here is the selfie which Virat Kohli posted while heading to Cape Town for next tournament, on which Rakhi Sawant commented:

Here is Rakhi’s cheesy comment: 

Seems like Rakhi Sawant is not reading Bollywood news, that is why she is not aware of the fact that Virat and Anushka came back from Honeymoon way before and they are back to their respective work. Anushka Sharma is busy in promoting her upcoming home production horror film- Pari and Virat Kohli busy with tournaments.

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