Twitterati points out the mistakes in “Rustom’s Uniform”

Bollywood movies have always been very much successful on Box office through actors acting and  script that has twists and turns, Well if the story is also meaningless the people wouldn’t understand and would give a low rating to the move. Here happened the same, Bollywood sometimes makes mistakes and it happens in editing or with the directors shot. Here happened something strange which might shock you.


Recently got released Akshay Kumar’s Rustom had a clashed with Hrithik Roshan’s  Mohenjo Daro but Mohenjo Daro didn’t work well in the box office and well Rustom got all the ratings and has hit the Box office. Well, other people also supported Rustom but they failed to see this mistake which recently this Twitterati got and showed up to the world.


Bollywood is known to make many movies based on true stories. However, it is not known to take care of getting those stories accurate. The movie is based on the sensational Nanavati murder case that led to the abolition of the jury system in India. And while we’ll not get into how correct or not the plot was, there was one glaring mistake that should absolutely not have been there.


That was Akshay Kumar’s uniform. As Twitter user Sandeep pointed out, there are at least 8 inaccuracies with the naval uniform donned by Akshay Kumar in the movie. Keep in mind that the movie is set in 1959, and Akshay has some medals and stars that were given to officers much later.


Well, we can say that people here are not aware of the uniform as they have no knowledge and they can only enjoy the movie and concept. Well people loved the concept and they are much happier with the acting of Akshay Kumar and they have been seeming to watch him more on the Big screen. Well, Akshay Kumar proved that without him the movie would have not that hit.