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Twinkle Khanna Reveals How Her Son Aarav Plays ‘Nipple Kissing’ Scene From Jaan To Annoy Her, Watch Video

Twinkle Khanna is inarguably the wittiest celebrities in Bollywood. The actress never hesitates to make fun of herself, especially her short film career. Her Twitter handle is filled with hilarious and witty feeds.

Twinkle Khanna

Mela actress has once again shared a rather embarrassing thing about her 15-year-old son Aarav. The actress shared how her son keeps doing certain things to annoy her.

Talking about the same, Twinkle said to Mid-Day, “I don’t even like my children watching my movies. And my son is such an a**. He keeps replaying a clip from the film Jaan (1996), where I am kissing around a man’s nipple. He made a collage out of this for one of my birthdays. It’s sick [laughs]. I don’t think my family has been supportive of what you think has been a great career,”

Watch that scene from Jaan right here:

Twinkle Khanna also talked about another funny incident. She said that her male co-star had canceled a shoot because he had a problem with his uterus. Recalling the incident, she said, “I had a (male) co-actor who cancelled the shoot, and he called me the next day to say that he was really sick, because he had a problem with his uterus [laughs]. I didn’t really feel like saying anything after that,”

The actress further added,

“This uterus story was really funny. And he (the same actor) always had strange medical issues. Once we were shooting in Switzerland, and after pack-up, he said that his ear was numb, and the doctor was pleased that he got himself checked up in time – otherwise his brain would have dislocated! And I was like, this really can’t be happening. So I have all these weird stories but somewhere, somehow, I don’t enjoy writing about them.”

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