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These Valentine ‘ s Day Special Memes And Jokes Are Just Too Funny, Singles Will Love It.

Valentine’s Day “the day to celebrate love” is here, with plenty of people sure to panic- purchased heart-adorned cards, bumper boxes of chocolate. While one go to their partner or visit their beloved or two are planning a long drive, love songs will instantly get in the mood for a mushy day ahead. While Valentine’s Day is now heavily commercialised, the church originally decided to make the day a Christian celebration to honour St Valentine.

The event falls on the same day each year. February 14 of course – which this year is a Thursday. Couples across the globe typically recognise the annual celebration by exchanging gifts, flowers and cards, although it it isn’t a public holiday in every country.


Singles all over are flooding Twitter with memes and jokes on how they will be celebrating this season of love and compassion only with themselves.

Here are some. Have a look.


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