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“The Window” these types of films made rarely

History has proved that whenever the movie is created by heart, irrespective of their box office results, they always created a deep impact on their audience. May it be Gurudutt Sahab in The movie ‘Pyasa’, ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’, and Rajkapoor in The movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’, these movies will always be the benchmark in Bollywood history. And so will be the example of an upcoming movie ‘The Window’.

According to the young producer of the movie ‘The Window’ Nupur Shrivastava, unlike the circus owner, who has an only objective of entertaining the audience, a filmmaker is actually a storyteller, who wants to show his versatility in his stories. And I also like to show our uniqueness to the audience, I would not like to be stereotyped of one type of movie. I got influenced so much by the story of our movie ‘The Window’ deep within my heart, that I committed it to myself to present it to an audience. Though it’s not a movie with all the flavors of a commercial movie, but there are people who love to have a different story.

Director and writer of the movie V.K. Chaudhary depict a story of a writer in the movie and the actor Amit Vashisht on the basis of his strong acting skills played a vital role to be into the nerve of character. The actor and director both were the students of Pune Film Institute, has tried their best to touch the heart of the audience.

Movie ‘The Window’ is releasing throughout the nation on 10th of November. The producer Nupur Shrivastava is really very excited after the reviews of the trailer and waiting eagerly for the releasing date.

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