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The Brazilian Secretary Recreates Celebrity Photos In A Funny Style

Renata Neia, a secretary from Colinas in Brazil have lots of issues with her self-esteem after gaining weight during her second pregnancy. However, she decided to take a picture, posing like a celebrity, and publish it on social media. Initially, her idea was to see if the diet she was on was actually working. Here are the pictures,

She is posing like she is dancing. Her oversize body is still in a curvy shape.

Ouch, My Back pose is really funny. But if we talk about the model t-shirt it is written Balmain in Hindi we say “Bal Main” and on Renata  T-shirt Baldemain which means “Baldi  Main”. Crazy isn’t it!

This is really creative I must say, it looks like a photograph hack with the plant.

Changing the light bulb idea is again something different style.


This is really an amazing pose but Renata did it in a hilarious mode which is the toilet sitting position with the cute expression.


When someone gifts you a doll or a toy which is a doppelganger of your own. Still cute!

Perfectly picture taken, this home workout is showing the result in the picture above. One is workaholic and another foodaholic.

Bath Lo But aise Kabhi Nahi! Lol… This picture is hilarious as she is lying on the baby pram.


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