Teejay Sidhu: I feel what Salman Khan does to Karanvir Bohra is as a big brother and not as a bully


With each season of Bigg Boss, people not only get judgemental about the contestants of the season but also about the host Salman Khan! Salman Khan supporting or bashing a contestants goes well with a certain lot of fans while doesn’t go well with the others and people start blaming him for unnecessarily bashing the people’ choice contestant! Be it Kushal Tandon or be it Priyank Sharma or be it Prince Narula, Salman Khan has clearly been seen unnecessarily bashing these lads in the various seasons of Bigg Boss! This season, it is Karanvir Bohra who people say is being bullied by Salman Khan, who unnecessarily taunts him all the time for his dressing or him taking stands or any of his judgement! While people are raising a voice against Salman for this, here’s KV’s wife Teejay Sidhu clearing the air!


Talking about the allegations put up by the fans on Salman Khan for bullying Karanvir Bohra, Teejay Sidhu said, “I think that’s so sweet that KV gets that kind of support and love from his fans. I feel it could be taken that way that ‘why is Salman Khan always picking on him’, ‘why does he always choose him’, but, I think he picks him because he finds KV so interesting. Whether it’s his hair, his dressing, body or the kind of looks he has because in one episode he even told KV that he gives ‘chhote parde pe bade parde ke expressions’. Salman says so many things about him and you can only say this to KV. Maybe someone else at KV’s place wouldn’t have been able to take it so sportingly but, I guess, Salman knows that KV is ok with it and I can have that kind of fun banter and relationship with him on the show. And you need to be able to have that, after all, it’s all in the spirit of entertainment. I also feel, now it has gone to a point where people look forward to Salman saying something about him. I don’t think people should get upset or feel that Salman is bullying him if it seems that way, I think he could be doing it to push him to be the best of himself and sometimes, we all need that kind of kick. I feel what Salman does is as a big brother and not as a bully.”

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