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Sussanne Khan opens up on Hrithik-Kangana Tussle!

Sussanne Khan reacts on Hrithik-Kangana Legal matter!

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, who is all there in the media limelight for the wrong reasons, has been in the turmoil situation from a month. His legal battle with Kangana is still on, which is getting murkier every day. At latest, long quiet Sussanne Khan has finally opened her mouth on this matter.

In the past one month, we have seen a lot of ordeal between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan legal battle. It all started a month back when both the actors filed a legal notice against each other for damaging their reputation. Kangana’s lawyer already stated that it was Hrithik who is doing the email chat with Kangana Ranaut and even hacked her two accounts. On the contrary, Hrithik claimed that he has no connection with this case and she is just damaging his reputation.
Sussanne took to twitter and indirectly said a lot about the ongoing Hrithik–Kangana issue. She replied on a leading daily, who wrote an article about what Sussanne must be thinking on the matter? She only replied that you will never know what I am thinking about it. So keep guessing.


Sussanne’s words are indirectly targeting Hrithik Roshan and his ongoing legal battle. Sussanne has already parted her ways with Hrithik and living separately with the two kids. She must have written such tweet only after seeing a shocking photograph of Hrithik in which he is hugging  Kangana published in a leading daily.

A recent Forensic Report has cleared Hrithik from the hacking case claimed by Kangana’s Lawyer. Kangana’s Lawyer claimed earlier that Hrithik has hacked her two email accounts and has even spread the fake emails in media in order to harm her client. On the contrary, Hrithik asked a public apology from Kangana to harming his image publicly.

Altogether, Suzzanne’s tweet will also matter in the case as whatever she has said is not at all favouring Hrithik. We just have to wait and see, what else is stored in this ugly case!

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