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Sushant’s ex-driver tells how much SSR was afraid of death and things changed after Rhea’s entry!

Since the police has been investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death, a lot of people linked to the late actor are coming forward to tell their part of the story. Where many of SSR’s staff members have already talked a lot about Rhea’s influence in Rajput’s life and how after her things took a ‘U’ turn in late actor’s life. Giving so many insights in a media interview, SSR’s former driver, Anil Adivasi reportedly told how every old staff including him were suddenly sacked by Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, without any reason. The former driver who used to spend 15-16 hours daily with the late actor revealed how much Sushant was afraid of death and also shared an interesting story related to it.

Rajput’s driver told he used to take the late actor to shoots and would often help him with whatever he needed. Anil also opened up how he was suddenly sacked from the job after working for two and a half months, failing him to understand why he and others were suddenly fired. Anil said, “Don’t know why we were removed. Maybe he might have got angry, but not just me, two more drivers were sacked and also the bodyguard.” He added, “We were removed suddenly. Can’t remember the exact date but it was around the time of Kedarnath’s release, and when he used to shoot for Chhichhore at IIT Powai (Bombay).”

Upon asked about Sushant’s death, Anil said, “He used to have his dreams for the moon, so this fact can’t be digested.” The former driver then went on to narrate an interesting anecdote explaining why he thinks Sushant couldn’t commit suicide. Recalling the incident, Anil said, “I remember once he had got late as I was waiting, so I felt sleepy and dozed off in the car.  Sir came and asked if I was sleeping. Then when I told him no, he said, ‘No, you don’t drive.’” This is how Sushant didn’t let Anil drive the car, instead the late actor took the car from him, while, Anil came in a different car. Anil further added, “So a person who can be afraid of death, can definitely not commit suicide, can say it from my heart.”

Anil also tells about Sushant as a human being, says, “He was very good at heart.” He also mentions that Sushant used to help the needy, often distributing food to the old age homes and ashrams. In SSR home his staff used to eat the same food the actor used to eat, there was no separate food was made for the late actor. Anil also told how Sushant used to spend most of his time at home.

Sushant Singh Rajput had given many hit movies in Bollywood and was a very humble human being as claimed by many of his close friends and family members. The actor was found dead in his Bandra apartment, Mumbai on June 14.

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