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Sushant was working on a mobile app to help poor using Artificial Intelligence!

When people are still pondering over what could have possibly gone wrong in late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s life that lead to his sudden demise, reports of his last engagements are keeping his fans follow every developments ever since his death on June 14. In such times a new story of him reportedly developing a mobile app also surfaced that was to help poor using artificial intelligence.

An entrepreneur Romal exclusively told about Sushant’s dream to develop a mobile app revealed, “The last time I met Sushant, it was a year ago at a party in Mumbai around March or April. At that time, we had a conversation around technology. He spoke of developing a mobile application. By 2020, there must be something he had built. Where is it? He was build something using AI that would help the poor in India. He spoke about it but didn’t reveal much to me because it was his idea and it might get stolen. But he spoke to me about the concept. His aim was to help the poor with his app.”

“There are some people that make an impression on you. He was one of those guys. I have been into building apps, so I found the conversation quite interesting. It is amazing for an actor to have so much knowledge and curiosity about AI and what kind of technology is required for it because that is not the world they live in. This guy was different. He knew the right words and asked the right questions,” the entrepreneur further added. Romal also alleged as per his understanding of Sushant’s personality, he could be anything but not a drug addict. And Romal firmly believes that there is some mystery around the late actor’s death that’s yet to be solved.

Reminiscing his meeting with Rajput, Romal said, “I live abroad but I met Sushant years back in Mumbai when I was in the city on work. This was about four years ago when he was living in Malad. I remember meeting Sushant for the first time at a television actor’s birthday party. I was sitting next to Sushant with my drink but I didn’t know who he was at that time. Just casually I asked him, where is your drink? Let’s say cheers! He said, ‘no bro, I am just having my diet meal’. He was carrying a tiffin box with boiled chicken. He was the only one eating his diet food while everyone else was literally drinking and having fun! I insisted he should have one drink, but he refused saying it would affect his preparation for a role. I had an impression that the guy was serious about his work and discipline.”

Disappointed over recent trend around Sushant’s death, he said, “Why can’t people have some respect for the deceased? (People are) Calling him a druggie and what not! Even Hitler got more respect after death. Friends of Sushant who were living off him should feel ashamed because they knew what kind of a person he actually was, and what an image is being portrayed about him now. No matter what happens, I sincerely believe that the truth will come out someday. Things are going in the right direction, I feel. Even if it is after five or 10 years, the truth should come out.”

Meanwhile, Sushant’s live-in partner Rhea Chakraborty’s interrogation with Narcotics Control Bureau has busted Bollywood’s drug nexus and many big names have came out in open after she recorded her statement with the drug investigating agency in connection to SSR’s case. Now if the reports are to be believed, Rhea in her statement has given out 15 industry insider’s name who are allegedly involved in taking and dealing in drugs. After her shocking revelation about Bollywood’s drug parties and A-listed actor’s name, reportedly Sara Ali Khan, Rakulpreet Singh and designer Simone Khambatta have now come under NCB scanner.

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