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Sultan Trailer Will Make You Entrall At Every Second

Bollywood upcoming film ‘Sultan‘ trailer is out. Yes, You can all see the chiselled muscular body of our very own Salman Khan. If you are a Dabangg Khan fans than this trailer will make you say, Hail Salman for sure. The latest ‘Sultan’ trailer is full of intensity and emotional.


Nearly two months back, we have seen the first look of Salman Khan from his movie ‘Sultan’. Soon after that the Teaser Trailer of ‘Sultan’ was surfaced online. It was everywhere in the news that this is one of his difficult film over the years. As for the movie, Salman has turned into a wrestler at the age of 51. You will not believe a single second while watching the trailer that he is over 50 now. As his performance in the trailer will glue you such an extent that you couldn’t think of anything else.

Now, it was the right time to release the trailer as the film is expected to release at the time of Eid in July. Well, if we focused on the trailer, it seems like its Salman Khan’s everywhere in the frames. Though Anushka Sharma got a small part in the trailer to show off her acting prowess but she actually proves her worth as a Haryanvi female wrestler.


Yes in the trailer you can find that Salman Khan is impressed by the moves of Anushka and wants to marry her. In the trailer it looks like, Salman was a great wrestler at first but in life he actually face lot of difficulties which make his life miserable. Eventually, Salman stands up at his 40’s to seek redemption for all his loss and wants to win the life back.

The movie is full of life Dream, Struggle, Hope and Redemption. Salman is essaying the role of Sultan Ali Khan Cheema in the film and Randeep Hooda is visible as his coach. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film is slated to hit the theatres on this Eid.

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