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Shah Rukh Khan wants to make another film like Ra.One

Shah Rukh wishes to make another Ra.One

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is already enjoying the Box-Office success of his latest ‘Fan’, is eagerly wanting to come up with a movie like ‘Ra.One’. Shah Rukh Khan is an insatiable actor and he always searches new boundaries to open up his acting skills. In a recent media interview Shah Rukh says, he is adamant and stubborn and he will surely come up with a movie like ‘Ra.One’


During an interview, when asked the ‘Swades’ star about whether he will make another superhero film. He said, “I would like to give another shot at ‘Ra.One’. I hope I am not too old to do it because I thought as a team it was a step forward in filmmaking. “Lot of people may not think so, but I know filmmaking and perhaps it (‘Ra.One’) didn’t go well, so I would like to give it another shot to win the hearts. Shah Rukh said that though there is no storyline as such in his mind, but we have VFX for sure. Since I am adamant and stubborn I will make another ‘Ra.One’ for sure.”

Shah Rukh Khan really knows that VFX work is very important in today’s cinema. So he has already made up his mind to come up with another superhero movie which will strike the right chord with the audience. His last Sci-Fi movie ‘Ra.One’ has suffered a real blow at the Box-Office and turned down as a disaster. Helmed by Anubhav Sinha, ‘Ra.One’ starred Shah Rukh as scientist Shekhar Subramanium and humanoid robot G.One. He still feels that the right kind of treatment to the movie will definitely blow away the audience mind.

The Superhero films have worked wonders with the Indian audience and we really want that Shah Rukh Khan also comes up with some brilliant concepts in the near future.

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