Sonu Sood B’day Special: I was all alone with tears in eyes as there was no one to wish me!

Not all heroes wear cap! The messiah of needful, Sonu Sood has turned a year old today. When the wishes are pouring for him, the actor reminisces his first Birthday in Mumbai.

In a media interview, the actor revealed that how lonely he was when he had his first Birthday in this ‘Mayanagri’, Mumbai.

“I remember when I just came to Bombay for the first time and I came on the 25th or 26th of July 1st time in 1997/98. On the 30th of July, I did not know a single soul in the city and there was no one to wish me. I was sitting at a bridge in Lokhandwala alone in the middle of the night. At 12 o’clock, my mom, my dad and my sister called me and they wished me. They asked, ‘Do you have any friends there?’ and I said, ‘I don’t have any friends in Mumbai.’ I was feeling alone and I had tears in my eyes, that this city is so big, with so many people, and there’s no one to wish you personally. So that was a birthday which taught me that one day I have to work so hard to achieve so much in life that the whole world should come and wish me. I feel that today after 22 years, that day is here when the whole world is going to celebrate the birthday with me. So it’s a special journey and I will always remember that day when there was no one to wish me in this city.”

The reel life actor has surely turned a real-life hero for everyone, but these responsibilities can be tough on anyone. To lighten up his burden with fans by celebrating his special day with them, this actor has amazing plans not only for himself but for the entire country.

Standing in solidarity with the whole Nation in these tough times, the actor has decided to talk to people of every Indian state. He has given them timings, like from 2 to 2:15, he will talk to people in Assam then in Orissa, then Uttarakhand and then in UP, Bihar, and so on. Every state will be given 15 minutes every single day. This is how the Indian superhero has planned to celebrate his birthday.

Actor Sonu Sood has helped thousands of migrants, poor, needy and destitute by extending help to them in this time of Corona pandemic which has shaken the whole country and made people to cry for help.

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