Singer Armaan Malik Talks About Stuggling Depression, Says He Was Inspired By Justin Bieber’s Post

Depression isn’t easy condition to deal with, we heard a lot of people coming forward and talking about it. The most progressive stance has been taken by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Honey Singh and Justin Bieber.

Armaan Malik who has touched our hearts always with his exceptional voice. The musician opened up about his struggle with depression as well. He was inspired by singer Justin Beiber’s posts on depression, on social media to face his own internet issues. He also talked about efforts he was making towards rectifying his mental health.

He twitted and said that he was not okay for a while now. In a tweet, Malik said, “I’ve always been honest about my feelings in general so yes I’VE Not BEEN OK for a while now and I know my fans have been worried about me.

He also tweeted:

“I have been too and it’s not easy coz even if you have people you love around you, you need to sort out stuff YOURSELF!! But just wanna tell all of you, I have been super patient, I’ve tried my best to be positive & that’s what has gotten me through a lot of my low phases.”

“Just realised that it’s not only me, it’s you and everybody else around us and we all go through some intense stuff on a daily basis which we don’t talk about. Let’s all be strong together”

A lot of people today are undergoing mental health issues and aren’t very sure how to bring them up, without falling under the trap of it being a social taboo.

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