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Shraddha Das will never Work in Bollywood after Zid

by Murtaza Rangwala

Vivek Agnihotri’s Zid turned into a nightmare for Bengali beauty Shraddha Das, to the extent that she has sworn off Bollywood for now. The actress, awaiting the release of the movie has bad memories of the Zid shoot, especially with her co-star Mannara. We had earlier written about how Shraddha had been attacked by Mannara on a couple of occasions – once when for a scene the two had to scuffle, and Maanara slapped Shraddha for real. In another episode, the actress had been hit by wooden sticks leading to a hospital stint since Shraddha got a blood clot in her eye. Shraddha says that despite being a parallel lead, her scenes haven’t been promoted in the movie trailer. She ruefully adds,” Being a star’s cousin, you are automatically promoted…I told Anubhav Sinha that I will never try again in Bollywood. It’s not easy and I have personally become very complacent and happy doing films down south. They pay me well.”

Looks Like Things have Really Turned Sour here or Wait is it Just another Publicity Stunt… Only Time will Say But Never Say Never…

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