SHOCKING! Man Posts Video Of Insects He Found Inside A Domino’s Pizza Oregano Packet

Dominos is the most popular pizza brand and almost all of us have eaten the pizza atleast once in our lifetime. What really adds flavour to the pizza is the toppings that are sent along with the pizza, i.e the oregano and chilli flakes. We usually use more than 2-3 packets of their toppings for one pizza and retain the leftover packets for future use. However, a guy named Rahul Arora found live insects inside his oregano sachet only one day after ordering pizza! The packets have not even crossed their expiration date. He has also posted a video of the same on Facebook

He had ordered a Domino’s pizza on 8th Sept from Domino’s Pizza, DLF City centre, MG Road outlet. Next day, he opened the leftover seasoning sachets to spread it on some bread and found insects in all the sachets! Naturally, he was disgusted and terrified at the same time. He has posted a video on Facebook of the insects and it’s pretty startling. He captioned it 


Here’s what Domino’s pizza replied to his video: 


In the comments of his Facebook post, Mr. Arora has said that he has filed a complaint with Department of Consumer Affairs and is waiting for their response. He also told NDTV that “I wonder what would have happened if this happened in the US. The chalta hai attitude towards Indian consumers should end,” he adds.

This is a shocking incident that really questions our trust with major food brands like Dominos. We wonder what’s going to happen next. What do you have to say about this? State your comments below