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Shilpa Shinde REVEALS Details About Her Broken Wedding With Romit Raj

Bigg Boss 11 never fails to amaze its viewers, all thanks to the interesting and controversial contestants in the house. This season of the most controversial reality show is creating lots of uproars inside as well as outside Bigg Boss house. Among all the chaos, Shilpa Shinde has emerged as one of the most popular and promising contestants in the house. She has been making headlines since the show started.

In the beginning, she made news for her fiery relationship with Vikas Gupta, as both of them fought on several occasions. Shilpa used her past experience to taunt Vikas on the show. Eventually, their enmity faded and became friends over the time. Now, both of them have decided to let bygones be bygones and became friends in past few weeks (at least for now).

You may have heard about Shilpa Shinde’s past with TV actor Romit Raj. Earlier both of them dated for many years, they were so much in love that they decided to get married. They were even engaged. However, for some unknown reasons they called off the marriage one month before the D-Day. Every arrangement including wedding cards, attires, and wedding destination were set, but unfortunately, they called off marriage last minute. Shilpa Shinde never spoke about the real reason behind their separation.

However, Bhabhaji Ghar Par Hain actress finally opened up about her past relationship with Romit Raj on Bigg Boss 11. She talked about the same during the conversation with Puneesh Sharma. She claimed that she runs away from everything even her wedding.

Watch the video:

It is for the first time Shilpa Shinde has talked about it anywhere. Tell us what you think about the same. Write your thoughts in the comment section down below. Keep visiting this space for more Bigg Boss 11 juicy gossips.

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