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Sarika Starts her drama in Bhalla House

We already informed that sarika will come back to bhalla house and will threaten everyone to ruin their life. Yes she is back in house. Sarika Starts her drama in Bhalla House with her entrance. She is back with some plans and Ashok is supporting her again.

Viewers already saw

Abhishek saying Sarika will stay here. They all get shocked. Ishita asks but why, she tried to kill. Abhishek asks do we have any proof, we don’t. Ashok and Sarika smile. Abhishek says she is out on bail, till court gives decision, she will stay here only, court has sent me here to check if everyone is behaving well with her or not. Ishita asks what? Abhishek says she has charged you all with dowry and harassment case. They all get shocked. Abhishek says Sarika took support of Ishita’s fake case, and said Bhalla family harassed other bahu too, she used Rohit too, as he needs his mum, she got right to stay here. Sarika asks Ishita to kick her out. Ishita scolds her for using such laws. Sarika thanks Abhishek for help.

He says I m doing my work and I m helpless, ashamed that you are my sister. He tells them that Sarika will stay here, its court order, sorry Ishita ji, I can’t do anything. Sarika says its fun to be back home, come Ashok, have coffee. Ashok says no thanks Sarika, its enough drama for today, you will be staying here, see you. He leaves. Sarika says Mihika, I heard you got divorced, why don’t you become baby’s nanny. Romi raises hand. Sarika asks Abhishek to tell Romi that he can’t slap her. Abhishek asks Romi to control. Romi says she can’t stay here. Sarika asks Neelu for tea and sits on the sofa. Abhishek leaves with the lawyer. Everyone go to their rooms. Sarika smiles.

Sarika comes to her room and sees Romi’s pic. She says I felt you love me and will come to free me, but you were busy romancing Mihika, Ashok came to get me freed. FB shows Ashok meeting Sarika. Sarika says I don’t want to talk. Ashok stops her and says Romi has got someone, he won’t come to free you. Sarika says he loves me, he is annoyed right now. Ashok says I have seen him with his new love interest. Sarika says I won’t believe you. Ashok shows Romi and Mihika’s pics, and says I care for you Sarika, I spoke to my lawyer and will bail you out. FB ends.

Sarika says I was good to you Romi, now I will teach you a lesson. Romi comes to his room and asks what are you doing here, get lost, I wish to give you divorce. Sarika says shut up, stop overacting, I don’t want to be with you, my plan is something different.

keep watcing Yeh Hai Mohababtein to know mmore about sariks’s drama


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