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Sanjay Dutt Reveals His Jail Journey And It Will Leave You In Shock

Sanjay Dutt Reveals His Jail Journey And It Will Leave You In Shock

The ‘Khalnayak’ superstar, has lived a life full of ups and downs. And his downs were some major ones. The actor has just evolved stronger, victoriously conquering all battles of life. First a star kid, a promising debutant, a drug abused, a convict, a widow, fatherhood, legal battle and hassle, some box office success to jail term. The actor has lived through all odds of life. Now, Sanjay Dutt has dumbed his past behind and initiating a new chapter of his life.


However, the actor has something to say about various aspects that surrounded him through this tough journey.



Now a free man, Dutt still needs time to accept the fact that he is no longer a prisoner. In an exclusive interview he quoted, “I was in solitary confinement. It will take a bit longer for me to feel free. The feeling of freedom is yet to sink in. I have been in and out of jail for the last 23 years. There were so many restrictions, permissions to be take. I am getting used to live life like a free man. The feeling is yet to hit me.”

Sanju Baba has a special piece of advice for everyone, “Don’t take freedom for granted. People should value it. Because I know what it truly means in all these years of my life. Freedom is more important than anything in life.”



The actor who served a 42-month sentence at Pune’s Yerwada jail was released last month on February 25th, 2016. At the India Today Conclave, he said, “They imprison you mentally more than physically. They tell you what to do and what not do in prison”.

He also mentioned, “I did not get any VIP treatment. In fact I was treated worse than normal inmates as everyone thought I was getting special treatment. The worse thing about jail was the food, it was terrible and not edible at all.”

On imprisonment, he also added, “It has haunted me all these years. It has haunted my family and especially my father.”


His Father, Sunil Dutt:

The ‘Munnabhai’ actor said his father, actor-politician Sunil Dutt, believed in him and before he passed away he had told him that he was proud of his son.

“I don’t think I let my father down. He knew I was not a terrorist. Before he died he told me that he was proud of me.”


Drug abuse:

The superstar opened up about his drug problem which he said began after the death of his mother, actress Nargis Dutt.

“I am quite a shy person in real life. I got into the habit of drugs after my mother died and then it became chronic. I have done every drug there is.

“My dad didn’t understand what was wrong with me, he is from Punjab. But then one day I couldn’t handle anymore and my dad took me to hospital. From there I went to a rehab in the US. And it has been 40 years since that incident and I haven’t looked back,” he said.


Underworld in the 90’s era:

Talking about the threat of underworld in the era of 90’s, Dutt said, “In those times everyone from Bollywood was involved with the underworld. Everyone was getting calls, threats. I got the weapon from a producer not from the underworld,”



Mr. Dutt, says “I am a patriot, my family is a patriot. I cannot think of harming my country. It did affect me a lot. But I thank people that they didn’t lose their faith in me and believed in me.”


His wish:

Sanjay Dutt said he wants to help jail reforms and people with drug abuse past. “I want to do something for them,” he said.


Finally, he mentioned, “I have come out to begin a new life.” We hope the superstar’s new innings be the best one he ever had!

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