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Salman Khan Wants To Smash Ranveer Singh!

If you have seen Ranveer Singh on television, you probably are used to the impromptu dances he breaks into in the middle of nothing.

This particular habit is what makes him so likable by all his fans.

Something similar happened during a recent screening of Salman Khan’s movie Sultan in Paris, where Ranveer Singh started dancing to the catchy Sultan songs.

Not one to tread popular paths, Ranveer watched the film in Paris and did the unthinkable – the Bajirao Mastani star turned the Paris theatre into an Indian single-screen experience.

In a viral online video, Ranveer can be seen dancing in front of the screen when the song Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai plays during the movie.

Ranveer even got several audience members to join him and the scene soon turned into one straight from a single theatre screening Salman’s film – with hooting, cheering and chaotic fun all over.

And in the true vein of reporting, some reporters asked Salman Khan his opinion about Ranveer dancing during “his” movie’s screening, Salman said –

“I saw that and I am going to break a chair or something on his head. Watch a film… don’t start dancing and disturb the film.

I was like ‘what is this’. I said he is not watching ‘Sultan’, he is making people watch him there. We should have charged money for that.”

The actor even shared his own antics on Twitter with a picture and wrote, “Check out @AnushkaSharma in the back like ‘buss Kar yaar!’”

Ranveer Singh was in Paris for the shooting of his film ‘Befikre’ opposite Vaani Kapoor.

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