Salman Khan Turns Godfather Once Again

Surprised to read the title? Well, Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan aka Salman Khan once again have proved that he truly is “Bhaijan” of B-Town. Well, from being an inspiration to someone to helping the needy ones, or to help someone in making a successful debut in the film, there are numerous stories of Salman Khan which make him a true Hero. His “Being Human” foundation also has helped many needy peoples.

It is very well-known to all that Salman Khan shares an exceptional bond with his personal bodyguard “Shera”. He is like a shadow to Salman who follows him everywhere he goes. It has been seen that Salman’s order is Shera’s command and he would go to any extent to fulfill the order of his boss.

Shera is the most loyal and closest person Salman has ever come across. Well, his loyalty has paid off. Salman Khan is now set to launch Shera’s son Tiger in Bollywood. Working with Salman or to get launched by Salman Khan is a privileged thing in Bollywood and this time it is for the most loyal person in his life.

Just like Shera, Salman is also very fond of Tiger and that is why he has taken the complete charge to set him on a right path for a bright future. Well, Tiger has taken charge not as a lead actor in a film but he has joined the team “Sultan” as an assistant director. Isn’t that a rocking way to enter this filmi world?

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera’s son Tiger is a husky young handsome guy. He has completed his graduation from Mumbai College and is now gearing up to enter the film industry with enthusiasm. Tiger would learn the nitty-gritties of the processing of films by assisting a renowned director, none other than Ali Abbas Zafar and he would be mentored by Salman Khan.  Indeed a kick start to a successful career in the Bollywood world.

While all eyes are on Salman, father Shera says it is his hard work which will determine where he will go. He says “Tiger is assisting Malik (Salman Khan) in Sultan. About his launch, all I can say is that it’s his hard work that will take him wherever he wants to go. If he wants to become an actor, he will have to work hard for that. He has to struggle to make it for himself in his own merit”.

With his, we know that day is not too far when Salman Khan would announce Tiger’s debut film. All the very best to Tiger and Hats of to our Bhaijan!


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