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Salman Khan Had A Special GIFT For Varun Dhawan!

Varun Dhawan, who’s slated to step into Salman Khan’s shoes in the sequel to the 1997 hit, Judwaa was in for a pleasant surprise as he received a special delivery from the supernova last week. When Varun opened it, he found a bunch of baggy denim pants with a note. Salman lend his denims to aid Dhawan fine-tune his tapori act in Judwaa 2. “Just a day before the shoot started, I received a carton full of Salman bhai’s denims. He later called to say the pants will match my tapori character. It was a sweet gesture,” shared Varun with a tabloid.

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Reminiscing a funny incident from the trial show of Judwaa, the young actor says, “Salman bhai was standing outside (the set), wearing a ganjee and shorts. And I addressed him as Salman uncle. He said, ‘I will slap you if you call me that. Call me bhai or else I won’t allow you inside.” While comparisons with the star are bound to happen, director David Dhawan, who had also helmed the original, says there cannot be another Salman: “No one can match up to him, not even my son. His dedication is unparalleled.”

Earlier today, Varun Dhawan tweeted the first look of the film, revealing he’s playing Raja and Prem, the double role Salman Khan made famous in the original film in 1997. The sequel too will have Varun playing two diametrically opposite characters: Prem, a suit clad, bespectacled well-mannered NRI, and Raja, a long-haired Mumbai ‘tapori’.

Directed by David Dhawan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, the shooting for Judwaa 2 began this weekend. The film also has Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu play the roles made famous by Karisma Kapoor and Rambha in the original. Reports suggest that Salman may make a guest appearance in Judwaa 2. The sequel has retained two of Anu Malik’s hit songs from the original film: Chalti Hai Kya Nau Se Barah and Oonchi Hai Building.

Talking about his film, Varun Dhawan said, “Judwaa is the biggest film I have done. I’m a die-hard fan of the original movie so this day is special anyway. Now, I just want to put my head down and be a part of the vision Sajid sir and dad have for the sequel”.

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