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Saif Ali Khan Gives A Savage REPLY To Trolls Claiming He Bought His Padma Shri

Saif Ali Khan is one actor, who likes to maintain his decorum in the media as well as the public. He likes to stay away from controversies and doesn’t talk about his personal life publically. However, he is not someone who spare trolls when things get out of hand. He often gave trolls a reply they never forget.

Saif appeared on web-series titled Pinch hosted by Arbaaz Khan, where Bollywood stars often talk about their social media life. During the show, Arbaaz Khan reads some comments from the fans and ask reactions from the celebrity.

Saif Ali Khan gave very humble and fitting replies to some of the questions thrown at him by the trolls. His answers have gone viral on the social media with fans appreciating him for his answers. One of the comments from the troll reads, “This two-bit thug who bought a Padma Shri, named his son Taimur and beat up some people in a restaurant. How the hell did he get a role in ‘Sacred Games‘? He can hardly act,”

Reacting to same, Saif said, “Two-bit thug, I’m not… Bought a Padma Shri is also not possible. It is beyond me to bribe the Indian government. You will have to ask more senior people. But I thought I don’t want to accept it. There are so many senior actors in the industry who deserved it even more than me, and had not gotten one…and it was very embarrassing. And of course, there are some people who have it, I feel deserve it less than me also.”

Recalling a conversation with his dad former Indian cricket team captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi that changed his mind about accepting the award, he said, “I wanted to give it back. I didn’t want to accept it. My father said to me, ‘I don’t think you are in a position to refuse the Indian government.’ So I said ‘okay’ and I very happily took it,”

He further added,

“I look at it in a way that I hope in time…cause I’m not done yet and I’m enjoying acting, I’m doing fairly well, I’m happy with what’s happening… I hope in time, when I look back and people look at it, they will say, ‘Okay, I think he deserves honour for the work he has done,”

What do you think of his answer?

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