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Raveena Tandon Gets Trolled For Her Tweet Against Mumbai Pollution And Govt., Gives It Back In Her Own Style

Social media has become part of everyone’s life. People spend time on several social media platforms to have some fun or connect with their friends. However, celebrities use social media to connect with their fans. Those celebs try pretty hard to become the target of trolls. But, there are some stars, who don’t give a damm about the trolls or hater. One such celebrity is veteran actress Raveena Tandon.

Similar to the characters portrayed by the actress on big screen, the actress has a no-nonsense attitude in personal life. She can’t tolerate someone taking her for granted. The 43-year old give back to the trolls in epic fashion. Scroll down to know why we are saying this.

It all started when Raveena Tandon expressed her concern about the growing condition of smog in Mumbai. The actress took to Twitter to talk about the pollution of the city.

Well said, right!

It was a pretty sensible comment made by the actress, but this was more than enough to get trolled. We wonder how active their haters are on social media. They keep looking for chances to attack stars.

This is how Twitter reacted:

Raveena gave her back by tweeting this:

If you think it was enough, you are in for a surprise. The twitter users gave some advice to the actress on how to talk. This is what he said:

Then Raveena came up with the ultimate reply:

Don’t go anywhere. There are some more.

Can you guess what happened when someone called her crybaby? Scroll down to know:

After lots of chaos, the actress ended the topic with a positive note saying this:

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below. Respect for Raveena!

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