Ranveer Singh Again Falls In Legal Trouble

Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh must be elated with the Befikre release but his recent ad that stirred controversy is still in the media limelight. In this print ad, a woman is specified more of as an object and that’s what infuriated people in a big way. Well, Ranveer did give his reply on it but it looks like the issue is still not silent.

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Ranveer 1 In the recent past, Ranveer Singh was featured in an ad of Jack and Jones. In that Bill Board ad, Ranveer Singh holds a girl and the title gives a clear hint that this particular woman is no less than an object.

Ranveer 2
Here’s what Ranveer Singh said in an apology statement, “It was important to give the brand creative freedom while designing their campaign, but I guess we got it wrong on one of those billboards and I’m sorry this happened but it’s a thing of the past. We rectified it immediately by having that hoarding taken down ASAP from everywhere over 30 cities overnight. I treat all women with the utmost respect both professionally and personally and would never do anything to disrespect them.”

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