Ranveer and Deepika as Competitors

Alongwith with stardom comes great responsibility and a lot of brand endorsements. They are a major part of a stardom and attraction, and their other source of income. The popularity of a star is directly proportional to the number of brands he/she endorses. Naturally, the bigger the star, the more brands he gets to endorse.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are two of the biggest stars in India right now. Naturally, they have multiple brand endorsements to their credit. But fate do not allow the two lovebirds to be together, but to stand opposite to each other in competing brands.

Let us check out some of their clashes of interest-

  1. VIVO vs OPPO

Although Vivo and Oppo phones are produced by the same parent company but that doesn’t deny the fact that they have the same target audience. The consumer base for both the phones are the same whilst comparing the credibility and popularity of the product. While Ranveer Singh endorses Vivo smartphones, Deepika endorses Oppo phones.


There is a varied difference in the product but they fall under the same bracket in the market placement as ‘easy to make instant snacks’. While Deepika’s product urges you to stay fit and maintain your shape and lose weight, Ranveer endorses you to have the taste of your life and indulge in some desi Chinese. He is so into his promotion that he even changed his name to Ranveer Ching.




Deepika is the brand ambassador of the Go Ibibo app and Ranveer and Alia are coupled together to appear in multiple ads put forward by Make my Trip. Both are travel apps which help you plan your trips.

Wonder whether the competition makes their dinner conversations interesting!