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Raksha Bandhan : TV Celebs Share Their Best Memories!

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, from Bollywood stars to the celebs on TV, everyone celebrates Raksha Bandhan with much ardency and excitement.

Lets see how our television celebs are celebrating this special occasion :

Divyanka Tripathi  Aishwarya Tripathi :


Divyanka shares some memories of her and her brother, Aishwariya, who she is really proud of.

My brother was brought up by three mothers – my mom, my sister and myself. My brother sent me a gift via courier from his first salary. That has been the best Raksha Bandhan gift and I am really proud of him. It’s such a pleasure to see your baby brother grow up“, said Divyanka.

Aishwarya Sakhuja Dr. Shyam Sakhuja :

Aishwarya‘s brother, Dr. Shyam Sakhuja lives in Dubai and they aren’t able to meet often. Aishwarya shares her best Raksha Bandhan memory was the one when she could celebrate it with him. She said, “It was a surprise visit and he was happy to see me. The best thing about my brother is his selfless nature and unconditional acceptance of his friends and family. Honestly, my brother is my hero. I love his super helpful nature and sensitivity. His childlike innocence is also rare. He is six years older to me but he actually never bullied me. I would really like to shift him to Mumbai so that we can meet often. Initially he was my biggest enemy but gradually we have developed a strong bond in last 13 years which is so precious. He is not just my friend but also a parent, there are certain boundaries with him that I never cross because I really respect him from the bottom of my heart“.

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