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Rakhi Sawant Asked Zaira Some Sensible Questions & The Whole Nation Wants To Know Their Answers

Most of the time it is considered that whatever Rakhi Sawant speaks happens to be a nonsense but this time she raised some very sensible questions on the Zaira Wasim’s airline matter which actually make lots of sense. See what she said on the whole matter.

Rakhi went on asking why Zaira waited to land in Mumbai. If she was feeling comfortable due to behaviour of Vikas (who harassed her), she would have raised her voice then and there. Well this actually make sense. Isn’t it? Rakshi was quoted saying:

“Zaira, 17, was troubled by a co-passenger whose name I believe is Vikas. Why did she wait to land in Mumbai before sobbing her grief into the social media? She should’ve yelled and screamed and created havoc on the flight rather than wait for later. The minute the incident happened she should’ve slapped the man. I’d have slapped him and shouted for the co-passengers and cabin crew to gather around me. Ek aadmi kharaab hai toh baki log to flight mein achche hain na (if one man is misbehaving on flight there are other decent people on board). Why didn’t Zaira raise a ruckus then and there? Why wait? And why weep like a baby?”

In an another set of sensible questions, Rakhi went on saying that while filming Dangal, Amir Khan taught her how to fight-back instead for shedding tears, then she would have beaten hell out that person who misbehaved with her. Here is what Rakhi said:

“In Dangal, Aamir Khan taught her how to fight. Zaira is the Dangal girl, not some wimpy cry-baby, trying to get public sympathy by weeping. She should’ve beaten the hell out of the offender.”

Supporting the airline- Vistara, rakhsi said:

“I travel a lot by Vistara. They are a very decent lot. Their cabin crew is polite and considerate. Their pilots are efficient. I can’t understand how or why the incident with Zaira was allowed to escalate out of hand.”

As per Rakhi,

“A celebrity child of 17 has a complaint about harassment. The alleged offender is nabbed and put in custody within hours. A poor little unknown girl of 5 is raped and killed. The offender roams around freely days after the gruesome crime. What is happening in our country? Somewhere priorities are very twisted. Kuch toh sharm karo (show some shame).”

In a report, the co-passenger gave the statement saying that the accused (Vikas) did not harassed Zaira. The only mistake he did was to put his foot on the armrest. We believe these are the very sensible questions which Rakhi raised and the nation wants Zaira to answer them. Stay tuned with us for all latest news and updates on this matter.

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