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Rajshri Deshpande Is The Talk Of The Town For Her BOLD Scenes In ‘Sacred Games’

Before ‘Sacred Games’, very few knew about the actress Rajshri Deshpande. The Netflix web series has made her overnight sensation for her bold scenes in it. The actress is playing Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Subhadra on the show, and she has been highly applauded for her performance.

Rajshri has faced criticisms as well as appreciations in 6 years of her career. After a lot of struggle, she debuted with a very small role in ‘Talaash’. Before that, she appeared in many TV shows. In an interview to ScoopWhoop, Rajshri spoke about her struggle. She said, “I struggled a lot. I used to go to Andheri for multiple auditions every day. Even when I thought my face was not made for something, I still auditioned. People used to just look through my profile. But you have to keep at it. And work on your craft all the time. You do feel bad initially, and you pray to God, you curse. You even think, that if I did it like that, I might have gotten the role. But then you get used it and accept it. I’ve done brief roles just for the experience. Initially, you don’t have any guidance. And not everyone gets a fancy debut. Sometimes you just need work.”

Talking about the lewd comments she got for her role in Sacred Games, Rajshri said, “For Sacred Games, it is unfortunate what happened, but not unexpected or surprising. After all, clothed women, whether they wear a burkha or a salwar suit, are objectified just as well. We need to work on changing the society. We can not do anything else. Initially, when I got the messages I was definitely angry. But thinking about them (trolls) is just wasting my energy. Let me store my energy for other things. Why waste it on trolls? So now, I have moved on. ”



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