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Rahul Gandhi Tried To Troll BJP Trollers. BJP ‘ s Reply Was Hilarious!

Rahul Gandhi, known as Raga to the Social Media world is one favourite politician for all the social media users and trollers as he never fails to give content to people to troll and to laugh about! Some people call him the best entertainment over social media!

Well, so how can the best entertainer disappoint people! Rahul Gandhi is back yet again with a reason for people to troll him over his recent tweet on social media! Rahul Gandhi just tried to take a dig at his trollers by calling them the BJP social media troll army! But, like each time failed miserably as his plan backfired and he again got trolled for his tweet!

Rahul Gandhi is accompanying his mom Sonia Gandhi to the USA for her annual medical checkup. This trip has reportedly put the allocation of ministries in Karnataka on hold and he knew that people will troll him. So he tweeted:

Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia ji to her annual medical check up.

To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don’t get too worked up…I’ll be back soon!

The BJP twitter handle did not take much time to respond to his tweet by tweeting,

We wish well for Sonia ji’s health.

Women of Karnataka also await Cabinet formation so that the state Govt can start serving them. Can you ensure Karnataka gets a working Govt before you leave?

Everyone on social media hopes that you will keep us entertained from there too 🙂

Not only BJP, but the people on social media too left no stones unturned in trolling Raga for his tweet:

Truly Hilarious!

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