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Raghu Ram Getting Divorce With Wife, Announces The News In The Most Epic Way

Divorce is one of the toughest phases of anyone’s life. People go through a lot during this period. It is hard for them to get over it. However, as the time passes, they start to deal with the situation, but memories always stay with them. Now, popular TV figure Raghu Ram is getting divorce with his wife after 12 years of marriage. Raghu and his beloved wife Sugandha Garg go their separate ways.

Raghu Ram

It is a sad news, but Raghu and his wife are setting a new separation goal with their announcement. They made the announcement in the coolest way possible. In fact, they are giving some tips to other couples, who are getting a divorce.

The couple got divorce last week, but Ragu Ram took to Instagram to announce the news in a unique fashion. Raghu shared a collage of pictures with his wife on the Instagram. He shared his marriage picture along with a recent picture, where both of them are showing middle fingers.

Sharing the picture, Raghu wrote, “@isugandha Some things never change. Like the love I have for you. Like the fun we have always had together. Nothing ends. It changes and the next phase begins #FriendshipGoals #DivorceGoals”

It is sad that the couple is getting separated, but their approach and the way they have managed things is definitely a positive sign.

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