Punjabi Songs – The Tune Of The Vices?

But that is rather ironical. While a movie on drug abuse attempting to tell the audience a tale tinged with reality is being literally killed (89 cuts and all that jazz) in the name of censorship, the state government’s art and culture wing has so far turned a deaf ear to popular Punjabi music that openly and shamelessly glorifies drugs and alcohol.

Isn’t it rather ironical that the same state government which thinks of ‘Udta Punjab’ as a “film (that) is nothing but an outcome of a trend to defame Punjab and its youth” has so far turned a deaf ear to popular Punjabi hip-hop music that act as patrons of drugs & alcohol?!

Take a look at this list and you will know what we are talking about!

1. “Jinni Teri College Di Fees Jhalliye,
Enni Naagni Jattan Da Putt Khanda Tadkey…”
Translated: “What you spend as your entire college fees is worth my daily morning quota of ‘Afeem’ (‘Nagini/Naagni’ is the local term for this drug)”


This song by Punjabi singers Resham Anmol and Bhinda Aujla has over 13 lakh YouTube viewers!

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