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PUBG Brings Valentine’s Day Surprise, It’ll Make You Wonder If The Battleground Has Room For Love

PUBG is inarguably the most popular and trending games out there. Even if you don’t play the game, you must have seen someone from your friends and family playing this game. This game is really addictive that has the power to keep you hooked to the screen for a pretty long time.

With Valentine’s Day being so near, PUBG is all set to unleash the biggest surprise for its players. PUBG is all set to give its mobile game a new makeover that will introduce its players to love but with a twist. With love flowing in the air, the gaming platform couldn’t resist the urge.

Are you wondering about what’s the gift going to be? Without any further delay, let’s dive in. PUBG mobile introduced new items for celebrating V Day. The most special thing about this surprise is that in-game items will only be available for a limited period.

With three prime shades, the players can use different stuffs. The colors available are red, pink and white. The players can pick their costumes from Smiley Heart Suit, Killer Angel Set, and Deadly Sweetheart Headband. Other options available include two pink skins for guns: Frilly SKS and Deadly Sweetheart QBU.

Coming back to our question if battleground has space for love, PUBG Mobile has already answered our question while announcing these new updates. They wrote, “There’s no room for love on the battlegrounds.”

This Is How Twitter Reacted To The Big Surprise:







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