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Priyanka Chopra’s Brother Is In Big Legal Trouble – Find Out Why!

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Priyanka Chopra’s brother, Siddharth Chopra is under serious troubles by the Crime Branch! Read further and you would know why…

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Siddharth owns a property in Pune named, The Mugshot Lounge. Recently, there have been reports that the lounge has been indulged in tobacco mixed products. They were involved in illegal supply of hookah. The crime branch has taken in charge of Chopra and the manager of the restaurant, Prakash Tulcharam Choudhary. A case has been filed under section of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003.

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The raid happened as the news was raised to inspector Rajendra Kadam, Crime Branch, who observed that people from aristocratic background were indulged in consumption of Hookah that was missed with tobacco products. The raid was conducted on Wednesday night and they team seized tobacco products worth Rs. 26000/-

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They also released the news in the press stating that storing and selling of tobacco mixed products is illegal. Nothing has been openly shared with the media yet by anyone. At present, Siddharth is traveling with sister, Priyanka Chopra in New York, to accompany her for the shooting of her International TV Program, Quantico.

Priyanka seems to be extremely sleepy and exhausted in the picture she shared with brother this morning. We are unsure of Priyanka’s reaction on this new, however, the media is eager to know what PC has to share about this.

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As of now, none of the members from the Chopra family has spoken a word about this incident. There are possibilities that Siddharth might be called back from New York immediately so that the case can proceed further. If he is innocent, we wish that things get settled soon and if he guilty we don’t know how PC would feel about this. It seems like this will be a tough time for the Chopras.

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