Priyank Sharma’s Co-contestants From Splitsvilla Make These Shocking Revelations On His Relationship With Vikas Gupta!

Priyank Sharma who was evicted from the bigg boss house in the first week has entered as wildcard in the house again and is creating buzz for all wrong reason. Last we reported about the buzz going in the industry that Priyank Sharma broke up with his splitsvilla girlfriend- Divya Aggarwal which was later proved to be rumor as Divya herself told to media that she and Priyank are very much happy and together.
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We also told you about the shocking revelation done by Priyank Sharma’s Co-contestants From Splitsvilla- Akash and Hritu Zee about the show and host Rannvijay whom they called biased towards the roadies contestant. They also said that Divya got a genuine feelings for Priyank, but Priyank was a player. He was just playing the game.
“Divya had strong feelings for Priyank but now they have broken up! They were never really into a strong relationship. It was always dicey. Divya did have feelings for him but Priyank never really showed much interest. Vikas Gupta’s news was indeed a huge blow to her. She got a reality check.”
In the first week of bigg boss we saw housemate questioning Vikas Gupta over his sexual preferences and recently Shilpa Shinde took a dig at Vikas and Parth matter, which indirectly tells that Vikas is bisexual or gay. Now Hritu and Akash are again making headlines by talking about ‘Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma’s relationship’.
Hritu said, “Vikas and Priyank are always in each other’s stories on social media.”
Akash said, “There is no smoke without fire.”
South Indian actress Gehana Vasisht who was recently in headlines for doing shocking revealtion of Arshi Khan’s life is back in news again and this time she did ana nother set of revealtion abot Priyank Sharma.
In the interview, she said, “Priyank Sharma is a dog. He is an ass-licker who can even sleep around for work. He is totally shameless, spineless and morals-less (sic). He is a blot on humanity. Insaniyat ke naam par ek dhabba hein, Priyank Sharma.”
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Seems like there is no end of troubles for Priyank Sharma. Stay tuned with us for all Bigg Boss latest news and updates.