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Now KRK Backfires Ajay Devgn Over The Controversial Audio Clip!

Ajay Devgn is all set to star in his upcoming flick ‘Shivaay’ which is all set to clash with Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ on Diwali. Well, the cold war has already begun with KJO and Ajay Devgn for the promotion of their respective movies. Recently, Ajay exposed KRK who confessed over an audio clip that Karan Johar paid him 25 Lacks to defame ‘Shivaay’. Now the last news in the embroiling controversy is, Kamaal Rashid Khan backfires Ajay Devgn.



Well, KRK is so infamous that no one wants to talk about him, but now Ajay Devgn comes up in public to open the pandora box of KRK. He released the audio clip of ‘Shivaay‘ producer Kumar Mangat and KRK, where KRK accepts that Karan paid him 25 lacks to target ‘Shivaay’.


When the news was reached to Kamaal Khan, he took to twitter to backfire Ajay Devgn. In a series of tweets, he said that it was Ajay Devgn who was offering him money, not Karan Johar.

Here’s what KRK tweeted:

“Let me clear it. Karan Johar has never paid me or asked me to bash Shivaay and you can hear it in the tape. I said 25 Lakhs to avoid Kumar.”

In another tweet, KRK utters, “Kumar and Ajay offered me money to bash Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as he is offering in the tape also but I refused. I told them that I will do it free.”


Altogether, this controversy is not at all good for the Bollywood Industry, where big people pays lacks to support or destroy other films. Let’s see what’s come up next about this hard-hitting controversy that rocked the Bollywood.

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