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How much Salman Khan has made out of Sultan will shock you!

The Sallu bhai starrer Sultan has enjoyed lots of success as well as has broken some of the records too! The movie has already grossed 500cr. Rupees worldwide just 12 days after its release and has also come in the list of 5 top grossing Bollywood movie ever, which is headed by PK.

500 cr. Sounds as a crazy number but how much has Salman earned out of the 500 cr. Would leave you in SHOCK!

Salman and YRF has 18% each that means 84 cr. Each, that isn’t the official word, but back of the envelope calculation. This includes even sales of various rights such as CD, DVD, video on demand, digital, satellite and music.

So want to know all the costs, Here are the calculations!

The government share.

With the Entertainment tax being 21%, a bit more than 100cr. Ie. 106cr. has just gone to the government. Which means just below 89% is left which accounts for 394cr.

Distribution Cost.

10-20% goes to the Yash Raj Films again, this time as a distributor. Out of the remaining 394cr. The distributors would have received 79cr. This would also include the promotion expenses and everything on their half. The promotion expenses would come up to 15-20cr. After the distribution, we are left with 315cr.

Exhibition Cost

You thought we are done with it? Hell no! There exists Exhibition cost too which accounts for a major chunk of the earnings after tax and distribution cost has been removed. Exhibition cost is the cost which the theaters take to screen the movies. In the first week, the cost is 50% and in second week, it is 45%. Going by this, out of 315cr. 157cr. Would have been spent on the exhibition cost. Thus remaining amount = 158 cr.

Other Deals

Now if we deduct the cost of production 84cr. Which goes to the YRF, we are left with 74 cr. assuming there would be at least 30-40cr. being added via non theatrical deals, sponsorships and other things, we are now left with 104 cr. So, YRF’s total earnings would come to be 164cr.

Salman’s Profit!

If the sources are to be believed, Salman Khan had made a deal of 50% of profit of YRF. This means 82 cr! So Salman’s share in the profit of the movie is an unbelievable 82 cr!

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