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Miss World Manushi ‘ s Epic Reply to Trollers Calling her “Chillar” Instead Of “Chhillar”!

With the proudest Miss World pageant, Miss Manushi Chhillar is a true beauty with brains! She gave an amazing answer to the question “Which profession deserves the highest salary?” and has impressed the judges. Her spontaneous answer was highly applauded.

Since the time she has won the top beauty pageant, there are a few people who are making fun of her. They are calling her “Chillar” instead of “Chhillar” and connecting with Modi’s demonetization!

The Indian politician Shashi Tharoor has also made fun of her surname, however, later he apologized. What do you think? Does Miss World deserve such a bad treatment? She has made India proud and receiving accolades all over. Is it justified to troll over her surname?

However, Manushi is enough smart and knows how to handle things like a boss. She has put an end to all the trollers with an epic reply in just one tweet. We are proud to have her!

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