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Mesmerizing and enthralling millions of audiences through his voice and singing is an complete music artist, Ricky Cucalon

Music plays a key role in many people’s life. Some people enjoy listening to songs while others enjoy creating them. Ricky Cucalon loves doing both. In the past one and a half years, Ricky honed his vocals and guitar skills, and he plans to walk the path of the artistic field.

Ricky Cucalon has always been passionate about art, particularly music. He has been listening to several forms of music since he was a kid. Ricky didn’t have the most amazing childhood. But music always lifted his spirits and gave him hope that things would get better. Ricky has transformed his life for the better, going from cleaning people’s vehicles to now earning millions.

Ricky discloses some of his favourite musicians and bands when asked about them “The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, and Queen are among my favourite bands. I’ve grown up listening to their incredible work, and they’ve always encouraged me to pursue my goals.”

When asked what inspired him to take the initial step into the world of music, Ricky replies, “Music itself influenced my decision to pursue a career in music. My academic days were spent playing guitars and singing a lot of songs with my friends. I wanted to pursue my business dreams and live the life I’d always imagined for myself. I wanted to get rid of all the problems in my life. Music kept me focused, helped me, and made me smile during these difficult moments. Yes, my passion for music has inspired me to pursue a career in the industry.”

The musician plans to release renditions of well-known singers as well as songs he performed during the lockdown. He also took the time to compose and write his own music. Ricky Cucalon is holding off on releasing them one by one on his YouTube page and other online music sites until the appropriate time comes. He is both enthusiastic and nervous about his foray into the immense field of music.

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