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Maratha Group Demands Renaming Of Pune To Jijapur, Twitter Trolled Them Life Never Before

Bharatiya Janata Party led by Prime Narendra Modi made lots of promises when they came to power back in 2014. BJP has taken some bold steps in the last 4 years in order to make India great again. However, some of the decisions taken by the party have been pretty controversial. One such thing is renaming of multiple cities. Last month, Allahabad was renamed to Prayagraj, which created a huge controversy.

Now, a Maratha outfit named Sambhaji Brigade has put forth their demand of renaming of Pune. The group wants Pune to be renamed Jijapur. Not only that, but they have also extended their support to Shiv Sena’s demand of changing the name of Osmanabad to Dharashiv and Aurangabad to Sambhaji Nagar.

While explaining the reason behind the name change of Pune, the president of the Martha group, Santosh Shinde told a leading daily that the proposed named is based Chhatrapati Shivaji’s mother Jijamat.  He further added,

“She was a great visionary who ploughed the deserted Punawadi’s land in the 17th century with a golden plough, which is deemed to be the beginning of Pune’s prosperity.”

Ever since the news came out, people on social media are trolling them left, right and center. Check out some of the reactions down below.











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