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Mahindra Gifted A Car To Kerala Fisherman Who Offered His Back To Help Women Climb On The Boat

Kerala flood was one of the most devastating natural disasters in the country. It also united the whole country, who came in support of the victims of this tragic incident. Heroic acts of many people saved several lives when God’s own country was drowning.

In the time of need, Kerala fishermen emerged as saviors. Hundreds of the fishermen ventured into the places where Indian Navy couldn’t reach to help the needy. Their brave heart and astonishing work caught everyone’s attention. They received lots of praise for their heroic act. One such fisherman was Jaisal KP.

Jaisal KP was pictured laying down in the water and offering his back to the people so that they could climb on to the boat. The picture went viral on social media and the internet making Jaisal a hero, which he deserved.

Jaisal is a 32-year-old fisherman from Tanur. He helped elderly women climb on the NDRF boat. He willingly offered his help to NDRF team and rescued three stranded women in Vengara Muthalamad area. One of them had an infant.

The heroic and kind act of Jaisal caught the attention of the Kerala government. Excise and Labour Minister of Kerala, TP Ramakrishnan awarded him with a gift for his heroic act.

Mahindra and Eram Motors joined hands to gift Jaisal KP with a brand new car. He received a new Mahindra Marazzo, which will definitely encourage him to continue his brave acts.

Even Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to praise this movie.

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