Mahatma Gandhi’s Great Grand Daughter Is Taking The Internet By Storm With Her Never Seen Looks

Mahatma Gandhi aka Bapu played a major role in making India free from the tyrant Britishers thereby making India independent. His teachings on nonviolence, humanity are not only followed in India but also in other parts of the world. His biography, lessons are taught in schools and colleges. But we are unaware of many other facts of his life.

Today we are going to tell you about his great granddaughter who is taking the internet by storm by her glamorous look. Many of us know that Gandhiji’s grandchildren stay in abroad and they are doing quite well overseas.

For your information let us tell you that Gandhi’s 154 descendants live in 6 different nations other than India. His grandson Kantilal, Hiralal’s son is also among these.  After Independence, Kantilal and his family settled in America. So, we are going to introduce you to Kantilal’s daughter who has grabbed the headlines.

Her name is Medha and she lives in America with her parents. She is much in the news because of her sophisticated and glamorous lifestyle.

By profession, she is a parody producer and comedy writer. ‘Dave and Show’, one of the most famous shows in Ohio, USA is produced by Medha. ‘Matty In The Morning Show’ is her most recent show.

She is a social media freak and keeps postings videos and pictures with her family and friends quite often. Medha has an Instagram account by the name ‘babyhotsauce’. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that she has more than 52 thousand followers on Instagram.

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