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Lucero is the world’s most hot and sultry Mexican Instagram model !

She is a pretty religious and diligent christian who always loves to just be posting quotes from the bible and does post some of them even from the actual bible itself.


She has a tumblr page that goes by where you are totally free to ask her anything or any questions and get some advice from the beautiful and extremely stunning girl.

One person on tumblr had asked her what her favorite Tupac song was and she said in reply that, ”Ooo that’s hard….I actually can’t pick any one particular song.” A true fan.

Another person on tumblr had asked her this very good question that, ”Do you have any advice on actually why are some people too afraid of being in love?”

Lucero responded and gave answer to the question in this way, ”Maybe because they are very scared and afraid of getting hurt or getting disappointed or also it could be definitely that maybe they are very insecure”.

 Another person on tumblr had asked her the question that, ”How do you really just manage to stay so optimistic and positive? Even in your lowest points?”
 Lucero replied to the question as, ”Jesus Christ loves me always ! That fact and thing alone makes me so happy & positive.”
Lucero is quickly and already just geared up and set in her way to becoming a big name in the Instagram world and before we know it we will probably and definitely be seeing her on billboards as a model too.

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