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Lok Sabha Election 2019 Exit Poll Is Out: Here Is Who’ll Become Next PM

After months of campaigning and string of controversies, Lok Sabha Election 2019 came to an end on May 19, this Sunday. As soon as the poll ended, people soon started eagerly waiting for the exit polls. All the news channels in India started discussing the exit poll and who’ll get how much seats in details. The exit poll has become the main tradition, which will be discussed in length and breadth until the final result is announced on May 23. Brace yourself, as we tell you the results of exit polls down below.


NDA (BJP+): 287

UPA (Cong+): 128

Others: 127

Times Now-VMR

NDA (BJP+): 306

UPA (Cong+): 132

Others: 104

Republic- Jan Ki Baat

NDA (BJP+): 305

UPA (Cong+): 124

Others: 113

ABP News

NDA (BJP+): 267

UPA (Cong+): 127

Others: 148

News18- IPSOS

NDA (BJP+): 336

UPA (Cong+): 82

Others: 124

Aaj Tak- Axis My India

NDA (BJP+): 339-365

UPA (Cong+): 77-108

Others: 69-95

If exit polls were to be believed BJP led NDA is all set to get majority meaning Prime Minister Narendra Modi would get a second term. However, beware that exit polls have been wrong in past including 2014 General Election.

What do you think? Do you think PM Modi will get a second term or others will triumph? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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