lleana D’Cruz Became a Wild Cat to Give Back For Comments About Lauren Gottlieb

Says who, two actresses cannot be good friends? Well, I am not surprised at the reactions of these two gorgeous dolls, Lauren Gottlieb and Ileana D’Cruz. Finally, the girl power speaks from Bollywood this time. In a recent social site comment exchange, sizzling Ileana couldn’t stop herself by responding to someone, who passed disappointing comments about Lauren Gottlieb on Instagram.


According to the screen shots provided on social media, it seems that this poor chap didn’t realize the harshness and rudeness of his words until the two beauties slapped him on chat. It seems that this commenter spoke about the dressing style and looks of Lauren, and also compared her with a manly figure. That was more than enough for the good friend Ileana to ask him to mind his own business in the best words possible.


I agree with Ileana on her thoughts; no one has the right to make judgments about someone’s appearance. It takes courage, hard work, and dedication for someone to reach this level, especially Lauren’s work and success has been evident in the industry to all. Many people know her personally from the entertainment industry. I am not sure about others’ perception about her, but according to Ileana, she is a wonderful woman, a helpful lady, and a very hardworking actor.


Lauren has been appreciated for her work both, in ABCD original and sequel. It is doubtless to say that she is a fantastic dancer! I am not sure about others, but I too personally believe that there shouldn’t be any racism and biasness, especially in a multi-cultural and diverse country like India. The commenter has surely had a tough time in responding to these ladies, and after this wild cat ready to scratch attitude, not many would be interested to raise an argument with either of them. Here’s wishing them a bonding so strong for long!

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