Lisa Haydon Hot Pictures In Black Bikini Set The Temperatures Soaring

Model cum actress Lisa Haydon leaves no occasions to flaunt her hot body. Even during her pregnancy, Lisa posted bikini pics showing off her baby bump. We saw Lisa sitting in a bathtub, soothing herself with her baby and enjoying a nice bubble bath. She was also seen holding a magazine in one hand. The picture inspired many pregnant mommies to do such photo shoot.

On May 17th, 2017, Lisa gave birth to a baby boy Zack and even after the birth of her child, she has managed to maintain her svelte figure. Recently, she shared some pictures on her social media handle. In the pictures, Lisa is seen enjoying in a beach with her son.

Lisa is seen cycling on the beach wearing a black bikini flaunting her sexy figure.

During Holi, Lisa took to her Instagram account to share pictures of herself in a bikini. She was in an orange bikini, posing in a wooden box and she looks super hot in it.

With these oh-so-hot pictures, Lisa is giving mommy goals to all the mommies post-pregnancy.

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