KY2: Shocking Aryaman to Harm Manik & Nandini


According to Track OF Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Nandini gets angry on Aryaman once he commented on her personal life and warns to kill Manik.

Nandini Says To  Aryaman that she cannot let him do something to Manik and she will prove him that Manik is innocence and isn’t accountable of Soha’s death.
Nandini tells Aryaman a couple of decide to build confrontation of Manik and Harshad at her uncle construction site.
Aryaman agrees with Nandini however he’s not able to leave Manik.
Aryaman tries to form Manik injured
Upcoming track will show that Nandini brings Manik to the development facet wherever Manik teases Nandini as she is obtaining additional romantic day by day.
Aryaman is additionally hidden at the location and is upset to see Manik and Nandini along.
Aryaman drops his decide to kill Manik however decides to out of action him because it will be a shock for each Manik and Nandini.

However, Aryaman’s this try would possibly place Manik and Nandini’s relationship in trouble as a result of Nandini didn’t tell Manik concerning Aryaman’s secret motive.