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KXIP Gives It Back To DD’s “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Tweet” With Epic Memes, They Are Hilarious!

Indian Premier League 2018 is coming to an end. This year’s IPL was filled with thrilling matches and epic rivalry between the teams both on-field and off-field. Social media handles of all the teams were at their best this season.

IPL 2018 was one of the best seasons in the history of IPL if we look at the points table. Final four teams qualified for the playoffs were decided on the last match of the league between CSK Vs KXIP. No one had any idea about which team will qualify till all the league matches ended. Even KXIP could have qualified for the playoffs, had they defeated CSK with a big margin. However, they lost and got kicked out of the tournament.

We have already told you how Delhi Daredevils trolled KXIP after they got kicked out of the tournament. They posted a “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Kuch Durr Chalte Hi” memes showing before and after situation for Kings XI Punjab.

This is what DD tweeted if you forgot:

It doesn’t look that KXIP was in the mood for letting it go. They also decided to give it back to DD in the most hilarious way possible. They took a dig at DD by saying, “Men who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

For the fact, Delhi Daredevils was one of the strongest team at the start of the IPL but ended their IPL journey way before anyone else. They were at the bottom of the table for most of the time and ended there with least number of points. So, KXIP was right in trolling them once again.

If you thought it was all, you are utterly wrong, people. KXIP also shared some memes on their website. They are seriously funny, you shouldn’t miss it at any cost.





They also shared this tweet on their page.

Thumbs Up to KXIP!

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