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KRK Again Targeted Bollywood, Shot His Bullet On Rishi Kapoor!

The least known person in India, Kamal Rashid Khan has finally showed his true color of utter nonsense. This time he verbally punched the veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. This is the ugliest side of KRK in recent past.


We can’t expect any decency level from ‘Deshdrohi’ actor Kamal Rashid Khan as he never understand anything expect insulting others. This time he poked Rishi Kapoor for his heavy tweets on Congressman.

Lately, Rishi Kapoor has targeted Congress party for naming everything in country on the name of ‘Gandhi’. The ‘Kapoor and Sons’ actor goes on to post a series of tweets against the Congress party and even blamed them for not being so good with the famous Bollywood celebrities. He pointed the question that, why everything is name after the Gandhi, Why not something in name of Dilip kumar, Raj Kapoor or Amitabh Bachchan. He even urged his twitter fans to think about the issue and respond to it.

Well, you never know, when you will get shot by KRK. Actually, KRK was following all the latest tweets of Rishi Kapoor and he was so infuriated by the actor comment on Congressman that he eventually targeted the ‘Bol Radha Bol’ actor.

As we all know that KRK loves to target Bollywood celebrities and this time Rishi was his easy pick. KRK took to twitter, where he always stays, to post some of the most derogative remark against the 63 year old actor. KRK targeted Rishi Kapoor by calling him nonsense and even goes on to say that he get drunk in night and then write super nonsense things on the social media.

Some of KRK comments are so bad that you don’t want to read it again. KRK comment will definitely get some backfire answers by the veteran actor. Now, we have to wait and watch how Rishi Kapoor reacts on the least known critic KRK.

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